Are you trending or following?

So you have a SEO rich website, and Just the Words is writing your blog, so your site is active, Google loves you…

Now what?

Now you draw attention to your wonderful new website by actively encouraging everyone to visit it. If you’re selling to end user consumers you might decide to have a Facebook page, and you’ll certainly want a Twitter feed because these will build relationship with those interested in what you offer…and the purpose of both of these is to draw attention to you, your website and the new and engaging blogs being posted every couple of weeks….

Help? Of course we can!

Just the Words will write your Facebook and Twitter posts for you, keeping your social media fresh and fun, drawing new people to your website and building up a completely new audience keen to interact with you and your product or service.

Make your customers want to need to know you! Ring us now on 07711 533867 for details!

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