Listen to me while I’m speaking to you…

Have you ever noticed how we don’t like to be spoken down to? It’s interesting, there are some people who just don’t seem to be able to help it. Every time they open their mouths it sounds like they’re telling you of, or about to. There’s a kind of air of assumed authority about it, and, depending on how well adjusted and secure you are as a person, it will either get right up your nose or roll straight of your duck’s back.

I’m sure it comes from our parents, or from those in authority over us as we were impressionable children. And I’m sure that our response comes from exactly the same place. If we were oppressed and controlled by someone who spoke down to us all the time, we might well do the same, trying to control others through our own insecurity. And if being talked down to like this stirs us up, well, you know where I’m going with this.

Be aware!

People don’t like being talked down to, and they feel strangely embarrassed and uncomfortable if you talk up to them. We need to talk across at all times. This is never more true than in our business communications. Everything that we communicate, website, brochure, sales letter or PR needs to be written so as to be from one strong self confident person or entity to another. Across, not up, or down. That’s how relationships are built; I’m honouring you by speaking to you as an equal. This is what I have to say. Now honour me by considering me as a potential supplier of the product or service I’m offering. That’s the deal.