Growing Your Brand, part two


Avid readers of our occasional articles will remember that last time we posed the question whether our websites should reflect our business or organisation as it is at the moment. We ended with the cliff hanging surprise that …it shouldn’t!

How can this be? If our website is where our credibility lies then isn’t it vital that it gives an honest reflection of who we are and what we do? Well, yes and no. Actually it should reflect what you believe in too, but we’ll keep that thread for another day…what we’re really getting at here is this: If I tell you who we are and what we do today – it will be out of date by tomorrow.

Let us put it another way. If we designed our brand for today, then it’s out of date. Let’s review that. When we sit down with our clients one of the questions we ask is “How do you want to be perceived?” because your brand has to drive the perception you want to create. But here’s another question we ask, “What will your company or organisation look like in three or five years time?” “How do you want it to be perceived then?”

Here’s the deal: You need to grow into your brand, into your website. It has to portray something more than you are today. We’re not suggesting porky pies here, but we are suggesting vision.

More about vision, and belief next time!