Brand 51 – Brochure

Having written the website I was asked to write the brochure…in much the same style. Here’s an excerpt.

You’ve looked at our website…now read the brochure! Welcome to Brand 51, where making your business more than a name is at the heart of what we do.
Why do we say that? Because whilst your company name is obviously critical, it’s your logo that will begin to tell your story, and the branding you carry through all you do that will bring you depth and credibility. More than that, your branding, if done properly, will form the backbone of the relationship you build with your customers, think apples and you’ll know what we mean!
Brand51 is Bristol’s most exciting branding and design agency. We work with companies of all sorts and sizes, from the smallest to the largest, from couriers to couture and financial services to foundation wear…with anyone who wants their business to be more than just a name.