A new service supplying critical market information to allow more informed decision making. A no-nonsense website giving the hard facts of what the company offers in a way that wastes no time but remains readable. I decided on the Fact / How? format because it set the right tone whilst allowing me to address my own statements.

About Us

Arkevista recognises that for any organisation to stay ahead in an increasingly complex and competitive world, access to the right information at the right time is vital. The problem is…how? Commentators suggest that more information was stored on computers in 2011 than the sum total generated in all previous years. As well as organisations creating and storing ever larger volumes of data, much is being made available on the internet. Mining this provides the ‘right’ information and intelligence that organisations need.
Arkevista’s unique ability is to provide clients with this right information, in the right format to make timely decisions that are properly informed.